Technical Information
Information Pallet Skid
Raw material PP - PE PP - PE
width 100 cm 11 cm
length 120 cm 120 cm
height 14,5 cm 3 cm
weight 7,500 gr
750 gr
static load 1500 kg  
dynamic load 1000 kg  

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First in Turkey
The first in the country to produce a light weight pallet capable of carrying 1000 kg. which can be used in the fresh fruit, dry foods, textile, packaging, logistics and other industries for export, transportation and storage.Attatchable 2 or 3 skids optional (also a “first”)

Ecological and Hygienical
Produced from 100% origional or re-cycled plastic, (no trees have been cut down) all plastic is re-cyclable.

Plastic pallets can be easily washed and disinfected and will not harbour micro organisms.

Big Advantage for Storage and Shipping
With a base height of 145 mm, the nesting capability of only 45 mm means that there is a 70% added value during storage and shipping.

Unique and Strong Design
Developed to be used with transpallet machines and forklifts
Corners have been re-enforced to withstand nails or staples when used with cornerstrips
Optional skids attatch easily and securely
To prevent slippage off the pallet, there are raised outter edges
There are holes in side of pallet for tieing off netting