Mediterranean Fruit Fly Catcher Aquarius      
The Ministry of Agriculture is in the scope of Plant Protection Products.

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» The most effective ecological method for the Mediterranean fruit juice which damages the fruit gardens is the Sinek Tuzağı Kovası.
» Products affected by Mediterranean fruit sieve, especially Citrus, Peach, Pomegranate, Fig, Apple, Quince and Trabzon palm.
» This product works with closed system and hangs on tree. There is no fruit contact.
» Trap bucket can be used easily for 5 years.
» Insecticide and special attractant (phenomar) placed inside are effective for at least 3 months.
» It is used within the scope of Organic Farming and Good Agricultural Practices.
» It is enough to use 8-12 books. The most effective method is to use one each in 10m2 area.
» I do not hurt the other creatures, the environment is friendly.
» Use and control is very colliery.
» Apart from fruit gardening, it can be used for balconies in houses and for mosquitoes and houseflies in gardens.