Sapling, Seedlings 6 lt.      
The Ministry of Agriculture is in the scope of Plant Protection Products.

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The desired colors can be produced. Black is the most preferred colors.
Because the base is a separate piece, it can move upwards. So that seedlings and seedlings can be easily removed from the pot.
Seedlings and seedlings are prevented from spilling out of soil, turf and tuff when leaving the pot
The roots are not damaged when the seedlings and fi are removed from the pot.
Seedling and seedling development is affected positively.
Due to 100% original raw material and UV additive, it can be used for many years.
It is advantageous in terms of finances due to its long use compared to disposable nylon bags.
There is no risk of overturning in greenhouses and gardens according to disposable nylon bags. Thus, seedlings, seedlings are not damaged.
It is packed in-house to provide transportation and storage advantages.

Usage areas
Especially in the cultivation and cultivation of valuable seedlings and seedlings, it is used in greenhouses, landscaping and floriculture fields.