PLASTEKS INC., Which is located in ÖZLER HOLDING. In March 2000, production began. She has been constantly talking about plastic packaging in its innovative style. Despite being new in the sector, it has reached a favorable position followed.

13,500 in Adana Organize Industry Zone. M2, the factory is operating in a closed area of ​​6,500m2 and has been designed according to the products to be completely made.
Using the latest technology in production, we have established the most modern factory in the sector.
All of the machines, robots, conveyors and other equipments are imported from abroad.

Most all of its machinery, robots, moulds etc... have been imported from abroad.

Plasteks strives on innovation and being first to try something new.

Our “firsts” are as follows:

The first to produce a collapsible crate in our country (large advantages for shipping and storage) 2001 TSE gold medal recipient
For export and local markets, the first in Turkey to produce and sell a lightweight “one way” crate, 2002 gold medal recipient
The first in Turkey for a collapsible “one-way”, 2002 TSE gold medal recipient
The first in Turkey to design and produce a “one-way” crate for bananas
The first in Turkey to produce an agricultural crate designed especially to prevent rind damage
The first in Turkey to produce a spill resistant, tear tape, lock top paint bucket which is also compatible with the Europalet system
We believe we have many more “firsts” coming soon.....

Note: All “one-way” light weight plastic crates are protected by the Turkish Patent Institute under the #554 Industrial Design Protection Clause (KHK).

It is forbidden to manufacture, sell or use any other person without our permission.